Always Love (Harlequin Presents) by Emma Darcy

By Emma Darcy

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Charting the development of an affair, from first kiss to argument and reconciliation, from intimacy and tenderness to nervousness, this can be a thoroughly glossy try and outline the age-old dilemmas of the center by means of detailing the highs and lows of latest romance.

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The only contents was a slim leather wallet, and although it probably contained identifying credit cards Genevra could not bring herself to open it. She argued to herself that they wouldn't prove anything, anyway. A man who had gone to so much trouble in setting up this hotel project would almost certainly have covered his name-change on any cards he used. She had to find his passport. It wasn't in his clothes, so it had to be in his room. She couldn't go there tonight, but at the first opportunity...

The building is mainly an eighteenth- century manor house, but its origins go back to the fourteenth century. The Egon Ronay Guide gives the hotel a de-luxe rating and the restaurant three stars—one of the finest in Britain. ' Genevra watched him talk. She listened, too, nodding and smiling in all the right places, asking questions about the hotel that had impressed him so much in Hampshire, Chewton Glen. He recalled all the details that he thought were pertinent to his concept of the project. Genevra actually began to wonder if Luke had left construction work and gone into publishing since his accident.

As of one accord, they turned to each other. Genevra's hand feathered up the lapel of his blazer, ready to curl around his neck. He gripped her waist, fingers sliding around to draw her closer. There was a knock on the door! ' His fingers suddenly dug into her flesh, forcibly halting their encircling progress. His head jerked up. ' he replied on a swiftly indrawn breath. 'I've brought your bags up, sir. ' 'Yes. Thank you,' he clipped out, and in a stiff, defensive move, he held Genevra still as he stepped back from her, and only when he had put some distance between them did he meet the urgent plea in her eyes.

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