Adaptation and Natural Selection by George Christopher Williams

By George Christopher Williams

This is often my favourite e-book at the subject, and if you are interpreting this you then may still most likely get it.
It's no longer rather as obtainable as Richard Dawkins' books, yet i locate this booklet to be extra a extra whole and compelling learn than TSG or TBW.

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He reasoned that about 107 bits of information would be necessary to specify human anatomy, and that a maximum of 1010 bits could be carried by the DNA present in the zygote. If we assume that the DNA message is so redundant as to be utilized at only onetenth of its maximum capacity, we could still conclude from these estimates that a hundred times as much of the information in the germ plasm is concerned with basic cellular and biochemical mecha40 NATURAL SELECTION, ADAPTATION & PROGRESS nisms as is concerned with morphogenesis.

It is better, because it avoids the onerous biological principles of adaptation and natural selection, to regard the trail-blazing as an incidental effect of the locomotor machinery, no matter how beneficial it may be. An examination of the legs and feet of the fox forces the conclusion that they are designed for running and walking, not for the packing or removal of snow. At any rate, the concept of design for snow removal would not explain anything in the fox's appendages that is not as well or better explained by design for locomotion.

24 NATURAL SELECTION, ADAPTATION & PROGRESS Fisher and Ford, 1947; Ford, 1956; Clarke, Dickson, and Sheppard, 1963) for selection coefficients in nature that exceed mutation rates by one to many multiples of ten. There can be no doubt that the selective accumulation of genes can be effective. In evolutionary theory, a gene could be defined as any hereditary information for which there is a favorable or unfavorable selection bias equal to several or many times its rate of endogenous change. The prevalence of such stable entities in the heredity of populations is a measure of the importance of natural selection.

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