Absolute Trouble by Michele Albert

By Michele Albert

Julien Langlois is a guy hiding secrets and techniques in the back of his darkish, horny eyes--and the one crisis among him and his hidden target is Dulcinea Quinn, the obdurate redhead preserving him in protecting custody on her small houseboat. Taking benefits of the sultry bayou nights, Julien attempts to realize his freedom with a bit seductive persuasion--but Dulcie's passionate reaction to his sensual attack all at once ensnares him.

Healed by way of Love

Dulcie's by no means identified this sort of advanced man--for under Julien's effortless Cajun allure lies a burning force to avenge his younger brother's loss of life. She fears his experience of honor will lead him down a deadly road--but does not are looking to think she's given her middle to a guy who would select this sort of darkish course. How can she end up to Julien that the most suitable choice in lifestyles. . .is love?

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Julien glanced toward the door — the door Dulcie was probably still standing at, listening. But if Halloran wanted to pretend she wasn't there, he'd play along. "I told you everythin' that mattered. I was hired to dance. Somethin' went bad. " Julien hesitated. If Halloran was asking this question again, it signaled trouble and he'd best answer with care. "I already told you that, too. " 47 ABSOLUTE TROUBLE - Michele Albert "You sure? I talked with Chloe. " Halloran leaned further over the table.

There was nothing soft about him; not his muscles, not his hands on her, not his lips or tongue. Nothing. She heard herself make a whimpering sound in the back of her throat. Not a sound of protest. Not a sound of pain. Somehow, her hands were no longer pressing against him, pushing back. She slid her palms up his chest and over his shoulders, then closed her fingers over the muscles of his arms, knowing the intensity of her grip had to hurt him. Without taking his mouth away, or letting her break free from his imprisoning hold, Julien slid his bare knee between her legs, forcing them apart so that he could move closer and rock his hips against hers.

He must have been on deck, but she'd never heard him leave the cabin. " she asked, her voice still rough with sleep. "Yeah. " He didn't turn from the stove, nor did he evince any surprise that she was awake. " She raised a brow at his unexpected answer. " "I didn't want them comin' into the kitchen an' wakin' you up. " Julien turned then. Dulcie waited for his reaction, to see what he'd do face-toface in the light of day with the woman he'd kissed silly in the dark. He smiled at her, a smile that made her knees go weak.

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