Absence of Faith by Anthony Samuel Policastro

By Anthony Samuel Policastro

During this clinical secret mystery, health care professional Carson Hyll falls asleep and drives right into a river and reviews one of many worst nightmares of his existence. The younger intern is knocked subconscious and has a damaging close to dying event so actual, so scary that he thinks he died and went to hell. whilst others within the highly-religious small city of Ocean Village have comparable detrimental close to dying studies and get up with burnt dermis, they think they went to hell and that God has deserted them. concerns worsen whilst a neighborhood Satanic cult emerges to advertise their ideals and win over town citizens. Will the heroine, Chantress, be capable of cease cult chief Kyle Mabus or will he reach destroying all identified religions on the earth? Bestselling writer and psychic Sylvia Browne writes in her ebook, Prophecy, that, "...our ideals are the motive force at the back of our habit, our reviews, our activities. with no religion, with no our ideals, we are lost."

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Maybe, nothing, maybe, lots," Chantress said. Anthony Samuel Policastro 55 "Vietnam. My father was stationed in Saigon and met my mother there. They lived there until I was born. Then my father got typhoid fever and died. My mother took me to the states after that and we lived in New York until I was three, then she met my stepfather, married him, and we lived all over Europe. He's a career man in the Army. Europe is really my home. I was happiest in France. We lived there for about six years," Kyle explained.

I think we'll go to the ladies room," Yanni said. " The two girls got up to leave, their black capes flowing like ominous shadows in the dim, smoky light. A waiter came over dressed in a black shirt and black pants. He looked at Kyle. " the waiter said. " The waiter nodded and walked back to the bar. Kyle turned towards Chantress. " Kyle asked. " "Easy. They dress almost identical and their lipstick was the same color. " Kyle explained. " "Even better. I can almost pick one out of a crowd," he said.

His eyes were wide and he tapped his fingers on the arm of the chair. " "I don't know. " The woman shook the wire at Kyle again. "You will meet a young girl who will betray you, but she will have good reason to do so. She will see things differently from you," the Anthony Samuel Policastro 45 woman said. " She shook the wire again. "I see you in a soldier's uniform, but... I can't see your face. I know it's you though. everything including the clothes the woman next to you is wearing is from that time.

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