Abrégé du Dictionnaire Grec-Français by Anatole Bailly

By Anatole Bailly

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Dishwater dishwater 10 Stress shift Some words seem to change their stress pattern in connected speech; the position of the stress is shifted when the word is followed in a phrase by a more strongly stressed word. Words which are likely to undergo stress shift are marked ◀ in the dictionary. middle-aged ˌmɪd əl ˈeɪʤd ◀ ˌmiddle-aged ˈspread This means that in isolation, middle-aged has primary stress on ‘aged’. So in the sentence: Most Daily Telegraph readers are middle-aged. ‘aged’ is more prominent than ‘middle’.

1. costume n, adj ˈkɒs tjuːm →(†ˈkɒs ʧuːm) 5. amplitude ˈæmp lɪ tjuːd →†-ʧuːd 2. tube tjuːb →†ʧuːb 6. reduc|e rɪ ˈdjuːs →†-ˈʤuːs 4. adduc|e ə ˈdjuːs →†-ˈʤuːs 8. reconsti|tute ˌriː ˈkɒntst ɪ |tjuːt →†-ʧuːt 3. mildew ˈmɪl djuː →†-ˈʤuː 7. education ˌed ju ˈkeɪʃ ən ˌeʤ u- EXERCISE 84 AIM: To identify assimilation when you hear it, including assimilation of final consonants influenced by the following word. org The following text is recorded on the cassette. Use it as you wish. Three different approaches are suggested.

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