A Treasure Worth Seeking by Sandra Brown

By Sandra Brown

Erin had came across her brother's San Francisco handle and stood at the doorstep - no longer figuring out she was once approximately to stroll right into a heart-wrenching drama of stunning relations ties and lies, and an fascinating, infuriating guy whom she without notice had to love.

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She didn't remember anything about her or why she . . why she . . " There was a noticeable cessation of dining sounds. No silverware clattered against china, no ice cubes rattled in glasses, no one said a word.

She whirled around to face him, ready to do battle. To her horror, he roughly pulled her jacket from her shoulders and down her arms. He tossed it across the room where it plopped onto a leather sofa. She was too astounded to protest when he yanked the bottom of her blouse out of the skirt's waistband. He shoved her against the nearest wall, turned her around to face it, and raised her hands wide over her head. She gasped in humiliation and repulsion when he clamped his hands under her arms and slid them down her sides.

His nails were well cared for, she noted objectively. Erin raised her eyes to his. She could barely see the blue irises through the brush of thick eyelashes that screened them. His good looks made her uneasy. It was almost as if his handsomeness were a barrier to her getting to know him better. For some reason intimacy between them seemed dangerous. " I . . uh . . my business organizes and stages fashion shows," she answered. "I've never heard of anything like that," he said. She laughed. " she piped and playfully tapped his hand with her own.

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