A Deep Sense of Wrong: The Treason, Trials and by Beverley Boissery

By Beverley Boissery

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Anyway, after we answered yes, Cardinal began reading the oath and we repeated it after him. Word for word. I can't remember any of it now. Except for those parts at the end when I promised to keep all the chasseur secrets, not to talk outside of the lodge about political happenings. And I can vividly remember consenting to have my property destroyed and my throat cut to the bone if I did. After that they took the blindfold off, and to my shock, there was the longest dagger I'd ever seen a quarter of an inch from my throat.

He sought permission from the colonial secretary, Lord Glenelg, to establish courts martial. Glenelg sent a dispatch granting this request To Overthrow Her Majesty's Government' 29 and even allowing executions, though only 'under circumstances of peculiar and pressing urgency/6 But by the time the dispatch reached Montreal, about five weeks later, its contents were obsolete. The province was peaceful again; nothing impeded the operation of the regular criminal law. Suspected men in the rebellious areas could be arrested on warrants issued by magistrates, then brought before the Montreal courts, which had never ceased operation and were now free from any possible threat.

Louis-Joseph Papineau, Speaker in the House of Assembly and leader of the Parti patriote, was a man determined to give his people a major role in shaping their destiny. To do this he would have to wrest control of the province from an English oligarchy that had dominated the Canadiens since the conquest of New France. Although they were a huge numerical majority in the province, the Canadiens had not been able to exert any real power. Enfranchised by the Constitutional Act, 1791, they had immediately sent a French-speaking majority to the House of Assembly.

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