99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style by Matt Madden

By Matt Madden

Ninety nine how one can inform a narrative is a chain of engrossing one-page comics that inform an analogous tale ninety-nine other ways. encouraged by way of Raymond Queneau's 1947 workouts standard, a mainstay of inventive writing classes, Madden's undertaking demonstrates the expansive variety of percentages on hand to all storytellers. Readers are taken on an enlightening tour-sometimes a laugh, constantly incredible -through the realm of the tale. Writers and artists in each media will locate Madden's assortment specifically valuable, even revelatory. here's a probability to work out the entire scope of possibilities on hand to the storyteller, each one utilized to a unmarried situation: various issues of view, visible and verbal parodies, formal reimaginings, and radical shuffling of the fundamental elements of the tale. Madden's awesome sequence of ways will encourage storytellers to imagine via and round hindrances that would in a different way hinder them from getting stable rules onto the web page. ninety nine how one can inform a narrative presents a version that may spark effective conversations between all kinds of artistic humans: novelists, screenwriters, picture designers, and cartoonists.

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When she came to, she was standing at her kitchen sink. The smell of baby formula was thick in her nose and she could hear her baby crying in the next room. Oh God… not this. Not again. Gritting her teeth, she felt herself turn, knowing that Daniel would be standing in the doorway as he'd been before-looking at her as if she was a stranger and not the woman he'd made a child with-not the woman he'd taken as his wife. She heard herself saying the same words and wanted to scream. She knew what she would say because she'd heard it every night for the past six years.

They were red-eyed and soot-stained and the smell of smoke was all about them. 'I'm so sorry," she said softly, then gave Phyllis a quick hug before moving on to Daniel's father. " Mary nodded then her gaze moved to Daniel, as if seeking his approval. " Then she turned to Daniel's mother. "Phyllis, you'll find a clean nightgown at the foot of your bed beside Mike's pajamas. There are clean towels in the bathroom as well as shampoo and a hair dryer. Please use anything you need. When you've both had a chance to clean up, come to the kitchen.

Then she moved from his arms to the car, opened the back door and lifted her screaming daughter from the seat. "It's all right, punkin… it's all right," Mary crooned. "Mommy's got you now. " Daniel watched the two most important women in his life walk back in the house, then got in his car and pulled it back up the drive, away from the flames. Already, he could hear more approaching sirens. The neighbors must have called the police. It was just as well. He'd been too shaken too think past his own family's safety.

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