20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak

By Karyn Bosnak

What percentage males does it take to discover real love? Delilah Darling's magic quantity used to be purported to be twenty. She continuously inspiration she'd locate the best man by the point she'd slept with twenty of them. but if she wakes up bare in her disgusting boss's mattress after a drunken evening out, she's packed with remorse -- and realizes she's hit her self-imposed restrict. Unwilling to up her quantity yet not able to visualize a lifetime of celibacy, Delilah does what any lady in her scenario could do: she tracks down each guy she's ever slept with in a last-ditch attempt to make it paintings with one in every of them. A hilarious romp via Delilah's previous loves, 20 occasions a woman proves that during the tip, numbers do not subject. real love will come when you are open and able to settle for it.

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